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Kuali Time Queries

General Query Guidelines

  • Enter your selection criteria in the same format as the examples (dates, department codes). The screenshots used in the instructions for each report represent examples of commonly used fields.
  • Click the Valid Values button to choose your criteria or check the formatting of the field.
  • Be sure to use CAPS when entering the selection data.
  • HRMS IUIE information begins with the 2003 tax year.
  • If a field can contain wildcards, a "Wildcards Allowed" link will display to the right of the field. Click the link to view wildcard information in the IU Knowledge Base.
  • Information in the IUIE is one business day old unless noted otherwise.
  • Separate multiple entries in a field with a comma (no spaces).

Remember: you have signed compliance forms agreeing that you will not share payroll information. If you receive a request and are unsure of how to proceed, contact UCO Customer Service.


Query List

Access any of the queries listed below by following this path in IUIE: Master Catalog > Human Resource Management System > Payroll > Timekeeping > KPME Reports

All Kuali Time audit reports have defaults when run without date/payroll parameters to allow scheduling. Leaving the date fields blank returns information for the current pay period.

  • Auto Approved Timesheet Detail - Generate a list of timesheets that have been auto-approved by Kuali Time. The report lists pay period and hour totals for each employee.
  • Bulk Timesheet Approvals - Generate a list of timesheets that have been bulk approved by an action-taker. The report lists pay period and hour totals for each employee.
  • Clock Log Automatic - 24 Hour Clock Out - Lists instances in which Kuali Time clocked out an employee who had been clocked in for more than 24 hours. In these cases, the clock out user id is 'tkclockout.'
  • Clock Log Detail - View IP addresses of employee clock actions and the actual (unrounded) clock times. The report lists employee IDs, work areas, and clock timestamps.
  • Clock Log Warning - Unapproved Location - Lists instances in which an employee took a clock action from an unapproved IP address per the existing Clock Location Rules.
  • Job and TIME Detail - View all active employees in specific work areas and/or departments. This report selects current job data and the associated work area and task data in Kuali Time.
  • Missed Punch Auto Approval - Generates a list of missed punch documents that have been auto-approved by Kuali Time instead of approved by a supervisor.
  • Missed Punch Detail - Generates a list of information about missed punch documents. This report allows users to identify employees who are using the missed punch document and to track potential missed punch document abuse.
  • Time Auto Approval Audit - Returns a list of auto approved timesheets and missed punches, as well as unapproved doc headers.
  • Time Recording Audit - Identifies manual-entry timeblocks where the end time exceeds the timestamp to determine if an employee manually entered their time too early or too late.
  • Time Roles - Identifies all members of a Time Role by role name or by employee. This report allows users to audit for roles associated with employees (especially terminated employees) and verify roles for a department and/or work area.
  • Timeblock Detail - Generates a detailed list of all timeblocks for a specific earn code, employee, paygroup, work area, or department. The list of details includes if the timeblock was added via clock tab or asynchronously, who entered the timeblock (employee vs. supervisor), and when was the timeblock entered.
  • Timeblock Exceeds Hours - Generates a list of time blocks in which the value recorded exceeds Maximum Hours specified by the report parameters. This report allows users to identify employees who missed a punch and created erroneous timeblocks.
  • Timekeeping Hours Summary - Summarizes total hours logged in Kuali Time by campus, department, work area, work task, earn code, employee, and employee's job record number.
  • Timesheet Correction Report - Lists timesheets in which someone other than the employee modified the employee's timesheet.
  • Timesheet Hours Audit - Generates a list of employees who, during an FLSA week, logged hours in excess of the Hours Limit specified by the report parameters. This report allows users to monitor the number of hours employees work and is an especially helpful tool when auditing for ACA compliance or overtime accumulation.
  • Timesheet Notes - Lists pay period hour totals and timesheet notes for timesheets where a user has left a note.