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Students on IUPUI campus

Click the links below to pay your IU Student Loan or view or pay your Bursar bill. Visit the Student Loan Resources section to learn more about loan programs managed by the Office of the University Controller.

Pay IU Student Loan View/Pay Bursar Bill

Form 1098-T - Learn how to access your 1098-T, request a duplicate form, what expenses are reflected on the form, and more.

Student Loan Resources - Pay your IU student loan, review a list of student loan benefit forms, and access governmental loan consolidation links.

FNIS (Foreign National Information System) - Resources related to FNIS, the Foreign National Information System. This system is used by IU to securely collect information such as visa status, U.S. visit history, and more.

International Taxes - Learn about the Form 1042-S and how to request an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

Forms - Access a comprehensive list of forms which includes student loan benefit forms, international tax forms, and more.