University Collections and Loan Services

Use the links below to make a payment, sign a loan, or learn about loan repayment. Contact University Collections & Loan Services with questions using the Contact page.

Please be advised the recent announcements regarding proposed student loan forgiveness by the Biden Administration does NOT include any loans held by Indiana University. As the situation continues to unfold and to limit speculation, Indiana University would advise our students to source their information directly from the Department of Education. If you wish to learn about if and how you may move your IU student loan to a Department of Education federal loan servicer, we recommend reading through Student Loan Consolidation | Federal Student Aid.

University Collections and Loan Services CANNOT accept CASH payments.

We can accept physical paper checks to our mailing address. Online card payments are available via the FlexPay link or over the phone for loan accounts.

Student Loan/FlexPay Sign IU Student Loan Promissory Note Complete IU Student Loan Exit Interview

The University Collections & Loan Services (UCLS) team manages Federal and Institutional Loan programs including those listed below. If you have questions about a student loan program that is not listed, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance on your campus.

  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • Health Profession Loans
  • Nursing Loans
  • Institutional (IU) Loans such as:
    • Cunnison
    • Henry Strong
    • IU Miller
    • Schell Foundation
    • Other various loan programs