23.0 - Paycheck and Paycard Pick-Up

Subject: Distribution of Paper Paychecks and Paycards

Source: Financial Management Services

Original Date of Issue: May 2019

Date of Last Revision:

Rationale: To identify those individuals who may pick up paper paychecks or paycards for employees not receiving pay via electronic funds transfer and to establish a process for distributing those paper paychecks


It is the policy of Indiana University to pay its employees via electronic funds transfer (also known as direct deposit) to the U.S. financial institution(s) designated by each employee, but there are certain circumstances in which employees are paid via paper checks or paycards. Further, it is university policy to ensure that individuals who process payroll are not in a position to pick up a payroll check or paycard other than their own. University Payroll is directed by these policies to establish and manage the processes for issuing and distributing payroll via paper paychecks and paycards, and for segregating the duties for processing payroll.

Paper paychecks and paycards will not be released before the specified pay date, and they will be released only to the following individuals:

  1. The employee;
  2. The Fiscal Officer of the account from which the employee is paid; 
  3. The Fiscal Approver named by the Fiscal Officer of the account from which the employee is paid;
  4. The Account Manager of the account from which the employee is paid; or
  5. The Account Supervisor of the account from which the employee is paid.

Individuals picking up paper paychecks or paycards must do so at the FMS Customer Service office or at their campus payroll office, and they must provide a valid government-issued photo ID and sign for the paychecks or paycards before they will be released.

If someone other than the employee picks up a paper paycheck or paycard, it shall be that person’s responsibility to deliver the paycheck or paycard to the employee, whether in person or mailed via the U.S. Postal Service or a courier service, such as UPS. If mailed, the department should verify in writing the mailing address to which the employee wants the paycheck or paycard delivered.

Paper paychecks carry an increased risk of being lost, stolen, or mutilated, and the employee and the employee’s department need to be aware of the procedure associated with reissuing paychecks should it become necessary. 

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Responsible Organization: Financial Management Services