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16.0 - Departmental Retention/Destruction of Payroll Records

Subject: Departmental Retention/Destruction of Payroll Records

Source: Financial Management Services

Original Date of Issue: August 2017

Date of Last Revision:

Rationale: To define requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for payroll functions.


Paper payroll records are seldom used, since most timekeeping and pay records at IU are created and managed electronically. Departments should not collect or retain payroll records without the specific authorization of University Payroll.

If University Payroll approves a department’s use of paper payroll records, such as timesheets, the department should shred the records after retaining them for three years following the end of the fiscal year in which they were created, unless they are instructed to retain the records by the General Counsel’s office or University Payroll.

Departments must comply with university policies and procedures regarding the appropriate use and protection of institutional data contained in paper payroll records set forth in DM-01.  

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Responsible Organization: Financial Management Services