Policies Related to Payroll

University Payroll and UHRS joint SOP: Managing Employees Working Outside of Indiana

Provides the protocol for managing employees that are based outside of Indiana.

University-wide policies related to payroll and general finances

these are listed on the Indiana University Policies page.

FIN-PAY-001: Payroll Compliance

Requires compliance with payroll laws.

FIN-PAY-010: Segregation of Duties for Payroll Processing

Requires payroll processing staff not to be in a position to audit or verify payroll, or pick up paychecks.

FIN-PAY-020: Recording and Review Time Worked by Non-Exempt Employees

Requires non-exempt employees to accurately record their own time worked daily, at the end of the work day, and requires supervisors & payroll processors to review & approve time records before the records are submitted for payment.

FIN-PAY-030: Timing of Payments and Off-Cycle Payroll

Requires payments that missed the on-cycle payroll to be paid on the next available off-cycle payroll.

FIN-PAY-040: Payment Methods and Pay Advices

Requires employees to use direct deposit for payroll except in limited circumstances.

FIN-PAY-050: Payroll Overpayment Processing

Requires departments to attempt collection of all overpayments regardless of circumstance.

FIN-PAY-060: Release of Payroll Information and Employment Verifications

Requires providing employment and payroll information in response to requests for payroll information & employment verifications.