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14.0 - Recording Injury Hours in the ePTO and on the Monthly Voucher

Subject: Recording Injury Hours in ePTO and on Monthly Payroll Vouchers

Source: Financial Management Services

Original Date of Issue: November 2015

Date of Last Revision: December 2017

Rationale: To clarify the appropriate use of injury earn codes on the monthly payroll voucher.


When an exempt employee has an injury, it must be accepted and approved by IU Workers’ Compensation before it can be recorded in ePTO as Injury.  Once approved, the Department must request expanded access to the ‘advanced’ tab in ePTO to allow the employee to record the earn codes listed below.  Requests for the expanded access must be submitted via the ePTO Support Form.

Per Policy HR-11-30 Injury on the Job, employees may supplement Workers’ Comp lost-time payments by recording up to a maximum of 4 benefit hours per day.  Use of PTO accruals in 8 hour increments is not required when associated with Injury.

If IJM/INA needs to be recorded for previous pay periods, an adjustment voucher must be submitted using the corresponding pay period end dates.

Earn Code

ePTO Entry Description

S12/S10 Payroll Voucher

 INJ First 40 hours of approved Injury are paid by IU - record in ePTO for record keeping only. Not reported on the voucher.
 IJP PTO bank usage associated with Injury - does not count toward annual max usage. Not reported on the voucher.
 IJS Sick bank usage associated with Injury. Not reported on the voucher.
 IJH Holiday bank usage associated with Injury.  Not reported on the voucher.
 INH Honorary vacation bank usage associated with Injury - grandfathered plan only. Not reported on the voucher.
 IJM Used to account for the amount paid by Workers' Comp - record HOURS in ePTO. Enter IJM on the voucher to deduct the AMOUNT paid by Workers' Comp for this pay period. Enter IJM as a NEGATIVE gross amount.
 INA Absent hours associated with Injury. Enter ABE on the voucher to record time off not covered by other Injury codes. Enter ABE as POSITIVE hours in order to reduce salary.


The advanced tab may be accessed from the employee's ePTO calendar. Select the appropriate Injury code, as described above, and enter Injury hours on the employee's ePTO calendar.

ePTO advanced tab example

Cross Reference: Injury on the Job, HR-11-30

Responsible Organization: Financial Management Services