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21.0 - Calculating Partial Pay

Subject: Calculating Partial Pay

Source: Financial Management Services

Original Date of Issue: August 2017

Date of Last Revision:

Rationale: To establish a process for calculating partial pay.


The payroll system calculates partial payments for employees who do not work a complete pay period. There might be circumstances due to the timing of eDoc approvals and payroll deadlines that require Payroll Processors to calculate partial payments manually. To consistently calculate partial payments in such circumstances, use the following guidelines:

For biweekly employees: Calculate the gross partial pay amount by multiplying the employee’s number of hours worked (and/or benefit hours used) in the partial pay period by the employee’s authorized hourly rate.

For monthly staff and academic employees: Determine the daily rate by dividing the employee’s monthly salary rate by the number of workdays in the month (including holidays). Then, multiply the daily rate by the number of days the employee actually worked and holidays taken in the month to obtain the partial pay amount for that month.


Date of Separation: For biweekly and monthly staff, the University Human Resources policy states that the effective date of a separation is the day after the last day on the job, except in the following situations: an unpaid leave of absence, FMLA, absence due to injury on the job, use of income protection days, removal from work pending a decision to separate, or required use of PTO or vacation during a notice period. In such cases, the date of separation will be the day after the end of those events.

Start Dates of 10-month Academic Employees: Appointments for the academic year begin August 1. Appointments for the second semester begin January 1.

Graduate Students Graduate Student payments are managed using Contract Pay. Contract periods follow the academic year and can be established for first semester, second semester, or both semesters. Graduate Students receive payments outside of the normal calendar based on the Academic calendar in September, December, and May.

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Responsible Organization: Financial Management Services