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What is the W-2 form?

The Form W-2 is the Wage and Tax Statement employees receive from IU each year. The W-2 contains important tax information that is used in the preparation of individual Federal and State income tax returns. This page contains basic information about accessing your Form W-2.

Review the W-2 Box Descriptions and W-2 Frequently Asked Questions pages for additional information, or contact Customer Service using the Contact page.

How do I access the form?

We strongly encourage all employees receive their Form W-2 electronically. To do so, you must complete the W-2 Electronic Consent form. Visit the W-2 Electronic Consent task tile in One.IU to give consent or verify that your consent is already on file. You will be prompted to login with your IU username and passphrase and DUO authenticate. If you do not consent to receive the form electronically, it will be mailed to your home address and post marked by January 31. Even if a paper form has been generated, you may still consent to access the form online using the steps outlined above.

After consenting to receive the Form W-2 electronically, you may view all available W-2s using the W-2 Tax Form task tile in One.IU. Again, you will be prompted to enter your IU username and passphrase and DUO authenticate.

I tried accessing the form and it won't open. What do I do?

The W-2 form opens in a new window. Your brower's pop-up blocker may be keeping the window from opening. Review these instructions to learn how to disable your browser's pop-up blocker. If you still aren't able to access the form, clear your browser's cache and cookies

How do I request a duplicate form or W-2 with unmasked SSN?

If you are unable to access your form electronically and need another copy of the form or a W-2 with unmasked SSN, complete the Request for Duplicate Tax Form. If you no longer have access to IU systems, please complete and submit the Request for Duplicate Tax Form - Former Employees or Students.