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Schedule Report Settings


The report scheduling function was created to help users schedule reports to run on a consistent basis as determined by the user. Within the Fiscal Officer’s Reporting Tools, users can determine when and how often specific reports run with the desired parameters. This eliminates wait time, provides consistency in reporting review, and allows the reports to run during off-hours and be available in the users email inbox. Report scheduling is important as it prevents users from waiting for their reports to run. This is especially useful for entities with large data sets that may take a while to run or with multiple reports that need to be ran simultaneously. While there is no limit to the total number of reports users can schedule, the scheduling function will only start 100 reports per minute. The report can be scheduled to run anytime between 7am and 5pm (functional hours) based on the capability of the internal DSS database.

How to Schedule a Report

For users to be able to use the report scheduling function, they need to first save the parameter set. Review the Report Specific Instructions within the Fiscal Officer Reporting Tools and the Save Parameter Settings Instructions for additional guidance.

  1. Once the report parameter set has been saved, go to the parameter page of the report. Users do not need to enter any parameters here. Select the Preferences dropdown, then choose Manage Saved Parameter Sets.

  1. Once Managed Saved Parameter Sets is selected, the site takes the user to a listing of all saved parameter sets. This listing is made up of 4 columns:
    • Report – this is the type of report selected within the Controller’s Toolkit (i.e. Financial Statement Report, Account Negative Balance, etc).
    • Tech Name – shows the reports technical name used by the UCO development team.
    • Parameter Set Name – shows the name the user created when saving the selected report parameters.
    • Set Schedule? – notes if the report has been scheduled. The Y represents a YES and the N a NO.
  2. Identify the report to be scheduled and select Schedule. This will prompt a box with the scheduling requirements for the report. The prompt box allows user to select when the schedule should start, when it ends, how often the report should run and what time the report should run. Once all the requirements have been entered, select the Save button and Close.


The below illustration shows a scheduled report that has been set to start on October 15, 2022 and run monthly on the 15th.

The report will run at the designated time chosen by the user. As another option, there is a parameter indicating Day after Month End Close. If users select this frequency, their selected reports will run automatically the business-day after monthly close. If an end date has not been selected, the report will run on the specified date and time indefinitely. Users will have to stop it manually by selecting Delete Schedule at the top left corner of the schedule box.

Editing/Deleting Report Schedules

Users also have the ability to edit or delete saved run schedules within the Parameter Set Management section of Preferences drop-down.

To edit a saved run schedule, navigate to the right-hand corner of the Controller’s Office Reporting Tools homepage and select the Preferences dropdown menu followed by Managed Saved Parameter Sets.

Next, click on the Schedule button.

A Schedule Runs popup will appear with scheduling details.

Make any necessary changes. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the window and click Save.

To delete the schedule, check the Delete Schedule box on the upper left corner of the Scheduled Runs popup and click Save.