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The dynamic parameters function is a Controller Toolkit Report function introduced to assist users who run the same reports on a cyclical basis. This function allows a saved parameter set to automatically update Chart of Accounts parameters in certain Controller’s Toolkit reports. Currently, dynamic parameters are only available on these specific report parameters: University Fiscal Year, University Fiscal Period and As of Date. While these are the only parameters currently supported by this function, it is important to note that their usage is evolving, and users should regularly check this page for updates.

If the saved parameter set is scheduled to run, the latest reports will be sent to the users’ inbox on the date specified by the user. Dynamic parameters eliminate the need to edit the date or period fields within a saved parameter set.

Using Dynamic Parameters

Currently, dynamic parameters can only be found on the Financial Statement Report and the BUY.IU Financial Reports. As updates are made to the Controller’s Toolkit Reports, dynamic parameters will be available on additional reports. Please continue to regularly check this page for updates.

The screenshot below illustrated where to find the Dynamic Parameters option next to the University Fiscal Year and University Fiscal Period fields.

As a general note, the dynamic parameters function substitutes the valid values function and the two cannot be used together when entering a date parameter.

The dynamic parameters function has two options for fiscal year and period – current (this year or this month) and prior (either last year or last month). When current is chosen, the report automatically generates data for the current year/period. If the prior option is selected, the report will generate data for the last completed fiscal year/period. If the report is pulled on a cyclical basis such as monthly or quarterly, the dynamic parameters will pull data based on the date the report is either scheduled or pulled. Note, if you have scheduled a report to run mid-period or mid-year, the financial data may not be complete as the report is pulling as of the date selected/scheduled. Users are encouraged to pull/schedule reports as of the end of the fiscal period, quarter, or year to have the most complete financial information. Below are examples of the dynamic parameters for fiscal period and year within the Controller’s Toolkit.

The As of Date dynamic parameter is unique as it requires a specific date and is only found within the BUY.IU Financial Reports. The dynamic parameter function for As of Date has four options: today, yesterday, end of last month and end of last year. The BUY.IU Financial Report uses exact dates. When the option today is chosen, the report will automatically use today’s date. When the option yesterday is selected, the report will automatically use the previous day’s date.

If the End of Last Month option is selected, the date reported will always be the last day of the previous month. This means when a new month starts, the report will update to the latest previous month date data. If the below report were run on October 13th, previous day would be 10/12, end of last month would be 9/30, etc.