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Save Parameter Settings

To save time in the future, users can save their search parameters as a set. This will preserve all settings as they have been entered, such that they can be repopulate again in the future with a click of a button.

In order to save the chosen parameters, select the Save Parameter Settings option at the bottom of the page.

This will prompt the user to name the set in a box that opens. A name that will make sense to the user when referencing to the report in the future is preferable. After entering the parameter set name, select Save Parameter Set and Run Report.

To access saved parameters, go to the Controller’s Office Reporting Tools homepage and select the report required to run.

Once in the required report, select the Saved Parameter Set dropdown at the top right corner of the page and choose the report required to run.

Editing/Deleting Saved Parameters

The Controller’s Office Reporting Tools allow users to edit and delete saved parameter sets at any time. To edit or delete a saved parameter, navigate to the right-hand corner of the Controller’s Office Reporting Tools homepage and select the Preferences drop-down menu followed by Managed Saved Parameter Sets.

A list of saved parameter sets appears. Find the parameter set you would like to edit/delete and click Manage.

A new popup window opens displaying all saved parameters for the selected set name. To edit the parameters, manually update the parameter fields with the new desired values. Scroll to the bottom and click Save as highlighted.

To delete the parameter set, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select Delete. There is no need to edit the previously saved parameters when you are deleting them.