Multi-Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report

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Prior to reading the instructions on the Multi-Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report, it is beneficial to review the following sections of the IU Accounting Standards Book to gain foundational information along with report requirements and best practices:

  1. Accounting Fundamentals Section
  2. Chart of Accounts and General Ledger Section
  3. Financial Statements Section


The Multi-Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report was introduced to help monitor, analyze and compare cash balances within a fund group at Indiana University. Comprised of cash in bank, cash on hand, cash revolving funds, cash deposits, and cash in transit, the report is designed to allow comparative measurement and identification of cash balances at the organization, responsibility center, and campus levels on a fiscal year basis. Negative or zero cash balances bring up questions about an entity’s liquidity, and therefore its ability to continue as a going concern. Monitoring cash balances also key in the budget process. Additionally, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is calculated when the report is run for 6 years. The CAGR provides the user with the average returns earned by a fund annually for the preceding 5 years.

How the Multi-Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report Works

The Multi-Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report is designed to show comparative cash balances for a desired fund for either 3 or 5 years. Users also have the option to include the current year balances for year over year comparison. Due to report limitation, the current year balance as of date will always be one day in arrears, so the run date and as of date will never provide the same financial data. For example, if a user opts to include current year balances and runs the report on 10/25/2020, the financial information pulled will be as of 10/24/2020. Each set of rows on the report represents an individual fund group. If specific fund group(s) are provided as a parameter, only the specified fund group(s) will be displayed. Otherwise, all fund groups will be displayed. The Cash Balance by Fund Group Report is made up of 3 essential transactions. It is important that users understand what each of these transactions represents. A brief description of what is included in each report line item is provided below:

  • Beginning Cash Balance – This represents the opening balance as of July 1 pulled directly from the balance sheet for the periods selected.
  • Annual Balance Amount – This represents the net cash transaction amount for the periods selected. A positive cash balance represents an inflow, while a negative balance represents an outflow of cash.
  • Ending Cash Balance – This represents the closing cash balance pulled directly from the balance sheet for the same periods.

Running the Report

Define the search parameters to return results relevant to your organization or to a specific account. The search parameters available in the Multi-Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report are divided into three parameter types: chart of account report parameters, report specific parameters and display parameters.

If there are questions related to running the report, requirements or reviewing results, please contact your (RC) fiscal officer or campus office. Each campus may have individual specific requirements related to Multi-Year Cash Balance by Fund Group Report, be sure to reach out to the related campus office or fiscal officer prior to quarter closings.

General Notes: Do not include any special characters other than approved wildcards in any of the below parameters. Additionally, do not run reports by campus as it will take up valuable computing services.

Click Save Parameter Settings to save your parameters for future use of this report. For instructions on how to save settings, review the Save Parameter Settings document on the Controller’s Office Reporting Tools page.