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This Section Will Continue To Be Updated - Please Check Back For More Information In The Future

Closing Procedures and Dates - This page highlights important information about fiscal year-end closing procedures as well as important dates related to closing processes. Key fiscal officer responsibilities included in year-end close consists of variance analysis, balance sheet and income statement substantiation, accruals, account reconciliation, org reversion, covering cash balances and a complete fiscal year-end checklist to complete prior to closing. The list and relevant scope are subject to change annually and individual specific requirements as determined by each campus and/or RC need to be considered in addition to this checklist.

Sub-Certification Checklist - Sub-certification of financial statements by units assists in validating the accuracy of the institution’s financial statements and provides an opportunity for a unit to review the financial activity of the organization, ensure compliance and best practices with internal controls and ensure the integrity of the university's financial position. This checklist is to be completed in conjunction with the year-end close process.

RC FO Shortlist - This is a list of suggested procedures to be completed prior to year-end. Items are listed in order of priority of completion and will assist units during the financial statement audit.