Important Dates

Session Dates

The table below contains beginning and ending dates for work study sessions at Indiana University.

Undergraduate Graduate
Session Begin Session End Session Begin Session End
Summer 2022 5/8/2022 8/6/2022 5/10/2022 7/31/2022
Academic Year 2022-23 8/7/2022 5/6/2023 8/1/2022 5/8/2023
Summer 2023 5/7/2023 8/5/2023 5/9/2023 7/31/2023


Timesheet Due Dates

All student timesheets must be reviewed and approved by your agency’s payroll supervisor to ensure students are paid correctly.

Timesheets must be approved by 5:00 pm on the date listed in the “Timesheet Due Date” column in the tables below.