22.0 - Income Clearing Object Code 1804


Income Clearing Object Code 1804


Auxiliary Accounting, Financial Management Services


June 2016







When an organization receives revenue and the appropriate revenue object code cannot be determined at the time of receipt, the funds can be posted to object code 1804 - Income Clearing. This document provides examples for use of this object code.


The income clearing object code 1804 provides a temporary “place-holder” for funds received by an IU account when the actual object code cannot be determined.  This is particularly helpful when a unit receives revenue for a variety goods/services and the breakdown of the revenue type is not received until after the initial deposit of funds.  Funds posted to this object code should be moved to the correct object code and reconciled on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly).  Any amounts remaining in this object code at the end of the month should be identified and moved to the correct object code at the beginning of the next month.      



Example #1 – A unit receives several checks for various services it has provided but the breakdown of the services is not yet received.


Two days later, a report is generated from the unit’s internal system that breaks down the services that were purchased with the funds deposited by the CR:



Example #2 – A unit receives payments in period 1 for a variety of events that will take place over the next several periods.  The breakdown of the events is unknown at the time of deposit.



The report that details the events paid for in period 1 is received at the end of period 1:


  • Fall Opera, taking place in period 2 - $8,500
  • Fall Concert, taking place in period 3 - $10,500
  • Fall Speaker, taking place in period 3 - $6,000



In period 2, the Fall Opera revenue needs to be recognized:


In period 3, the Fall Concert and Fall Speaker revenue needs to be recognized:



Deferred Revenue – Revenue received but not yet earned (i.e., goods or services have not yet been provided).




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