Sub-Certification Process

Indiana University (IU) continues to implement best practices that enhance our institution’s internal control environment. As part of this process, IU has issued a revised sub-certification for all Constituent Reporting Units (CRUs) to complete. The sub-certification process serves two primary objectives:

  1. To provide reasonable assurance of a sufficient and effective internal control structure which can identify weaknesses in financial processes and systems, and
  2. To support the EVPFA’s basis for the annual financial attestation by providing reasonable assurance of the underlying financial activity reported in the university’s financial statements.

Currently, IU Policy, Internal Controls (FIN-ACC-470) and the Office of the University Controller (UCO) require sub-certification at the CRU level only. CRUs do have the option to require this sub-certification of the units that comprise the CRU but are not required to submit this level of sub-certification to UCO.

The sub-certification should be reviewed and completed in conjunction with the year-end close process to ensure accuracy and completeness of financial information and internal controls. Once the sub-certification process is completed, the CRU should forward the completed sub-certification to their Campus Controller no later than July 31, 2023. Once the Campus Controller has finished their review of the signed sub-certification, the Campus Controller will forward the completed sub-certification to University Accounting & Reporting Services (UARS), along with other closing materials, by August 15, 2023. UARS will ensure all documents are forwarded to Maggie Harrell, Internal Controls Manager, for further control review.

CRU Sub-Certification Form.pdf
Unit Level Sub-Certification Form.pdf